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Quartzite Worktop

June 29, 2015

Now days there are numerous materials and products for kitchen worktops it can easily seem really daunting and ways in which do you know what exactly is best? There are lots of worktops that entail the surface being stuck onto a chip board base, like a laminate material or corian form of material stuck using a base, and although these do generally determine cheaper than solid surface tops there are several of this type that basically cost more than granite and in addition they do have drawbacks. Depending on the location these kind of surfaces may be perfectly adequate nevertheless they do not always supply the option for using an under-mounted or Belfast sink you could have having a solid surface worktop.
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Perhaps a pair of the best selections for a solid surface top are solid granite and quartz. Be careful though as being the names may be rather confusing because granite generally covers a very wide range of igneous rocks derived from a range minerals consisting of quartz, along with feldspar mica yet others. Granite worktops are natural solid stone usually polished with a high shine, using the shine varying with all the composition on the crystals. Proper quartz worktops are made from crushed up granite mixed which has a very bit of resin.
Advantages of granite
Generally granite worktops certainly are a one off with regards to pattern, to find out a lot more consistency from the blacks but there is always some variations. Granite retains its natural splendor, between small speckled patterns, mottles and patterns of crystals called "flowers" right the way through to massive sweeping striated patterns that has a lot of "movement" and huge variation in the same piece. If you want a real "wow" factor then choose a wilder pattern therefore you make a statement. There is a current trend to own very dark kitchen doors in a very wood grain finish, perhaps in deep burgundy or black then visually lifted with the exciting variation of your granite like Kashmir white.
Advantages of quartz
On another hand quartz worktops offer far more uniformity and consistency, but they also are normally dearer than
granite and that is due to the manufacturing processes, that's the inclusion of resin which means that a purity of colour may be achieved which is just not be possible in pure granite. In natural granite light colours all contain certain degrees of speckle/mottle, whereas it is possible to get a pure white quartz top along with the creams in natural granite usually are quite grey or gold that has a lot of fleck playing with quartz you can find much purer and plain creams.
The other major benefit from adding resin is really bright colours could be created, in truth producing every colour from the rainbow and virtually anything among, and they also can include a sprinkle of mirror flecks so creating absolutely stunning worktops for an incredibly modern look.
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There is a huge lot of debate about which material is much more heat resistant and which can be more scratch resistant. They are both very heat resistant but personally I would always advice that a trivet is needed for any hot pan or dish, or get some heat bars fitted as an alternative to put things completely from the oven on top of the worktop. Likewise, both types are certainly scratch resistant, possibly natural granite marginally much more, yet our recommendation should be to use a chopping board for cutting. However, when compared to other worktops both are a lot more heat and scratch resistant. Corian surfaces are scratched more easily but they also can then be buffed out whereas quartz  or granite worktops can't be buffed out within the same way however they are a lesser amount of likely to scratch from the first place.